Dr. Gould, through his direct affiliation with Crosstown Dental Group in Palmyra PA, has access to one of only 400 Solea® Lasers in the country!  The Solea® enables Dr. Gould to fill cavities without anesthesia or a drill, relieve frenectomies and tongue-ties in a matter of 10 seconds, and perform other soft tissue surgeries such as Aphthous Ulcers with no bleeding and no stiches!

A tongue-tie or Tethered Oral Tissue (TOT) is a condition a child is born with that restricts the tongue’s range of motion by a frenulum at the bottom of the mouth.  A tongue-tie can lead to many issues throughout the child’s life if not corrected. A tongue-tie can interfere with breastfeeding and cause issues for the nursing mother as well.  Dr. Gould is skilled in using the Solea® laser to relieve a tongue-tie in seconds without bleeding or stitches.

Signs or Symptoms

  • Heart shaped tip of tongue
  • Breastfeeding for long periods
  • Clicking sound during feeding
  • Constant hunger
  • Difficulty staying latched on while breastfeeding
  • Difficulty gaining weight

A Frenectomy is a minor procedure to remove a small bit of connective tissue in the mouth. The small flap of skin and muscle attached to your lip and gums is a frenulum.  Sometimes it is recommended to have this removed.  With the use of the Solea® laser, we can remove that in seconds without bleeding or stitches! In addition, a laser frenectomy has a much shorter healing time.

Reasons for Needing a Frenectomy

  • A more comfortable fitting denture experience
  • Strain on the gums causing a gap to occur between your front teeth
  • Receding gums that are at risk for infection, gum disease and tooth loss
  • When traditional braces are used

Aphthous Ulcer or Canker Sore is a small lesion that develops on the soft tissue of the mouth. Talk with our team about how the Solea® laser can be used to provide immediate relief!